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No publications due to mandatory military service ...


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Am I productive?

J.E. Hirsch published a new index to measure an individuals's scientific output, called the h-index. Reference: Hirsch J.E. (2005). An index to quantify an individual's scientific research output Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 102: 16569-16572. [PubMed: 16275915 ].

Definition: A scientist has index h if h of his/her Np papers have at least h citations each, and the other (Np - h) papers have no more than h citations each.

We can also define m as h divided by the length of a person's scientific career, assuming a simple linear model.

Hirsch writes "From inspection of the citation records of many physicists I conclude:
(1) A value m ~ 1, an h-index of 20 after 20 years of scientific activity, characterizes a successful scientist.
(2) A value m ~2, an h-index of 40 after 20 years of scientific activity, characterizes outstanding scientists, likely to be found only at the top universities or major research laboratories.
(3) A value m ~ 3 or higher, i.e. an h-index of 60 after 20 years, or 90 after 30 years, characterizes truly unique individuals."

For reference, in 2005 Edward Witten had the highest h-index in physics (110). In biology the h-indices seem to be higher, with an h-index for Solomon Snyder of 190, for David Baltimore 160, Bert Vogelstein 151 in 2005. For new inductees in the NAS USA in the biological and biomedical sciences the average h-index was 57.

In October 2017 my h-index was 41. I started research in 1982, with a 13 months hiatus along the way for mandatory military service in the Belgian army. My research was further interrupted in Nov. 2000 by several months because of kidney cancer, and in Oct 2002 because of paralysis due to CIDP. I spent 3 months in the hospital and I needed another 6 months to gear up to full research commitment. In total I lost 2 years, which reduces my research efforts to 35 years. My m value is 41/35=1.2, making me by Hirsch's criteria a "successful scientist".