People at the Biomolecular Structure Center

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Who we are

- Crystallography * Drug Design + NMR 
# Protein Engineering c Chemistry o Other 


- Elinor T Adman 
- Erkang Fan 
* Yolanda Fuchs
- Wim Hol 
- Lyle Jensen 
+ Rachel Klevit 
- Ethan A Merritt 
- Larry Sieker 
- Ron Stenkamp 
- Dave Teller 
* Christophe Verlinde 
- Wenqing Xu


- Jonathan Kay
+ Elsa Laughlin
- Isolde Le Trong 
+ Ponni Rajagopal 
# Claudia Roach
o Heidi Singer
- Stewart Turley
c Zhongsheng Zhang


Visiting Scientists

Youngsoo Kim

Postdoctoral Fellows

- Jan Abendroth 
+ Peter Brzovic 
- Sergio Martinez 
- Mark Robien 
- Tan Xiao Jian 

Graduate Students

Jungwoo Choe
Bjarni Ingason 
Angie Kantola 
Sandra Lee 
Tim McGarvey
Jason Pickens
Paulene Quigley
Lawrence Schaufler 


Undergrad Students

James Conklin
Yasuhiko Irie
Morgan Omdal 
Brad Ornstein
Dave Sakata

Who we were

Alumni - current electronic and spatial coordinates for former BMSC faculty and students

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