Wim Hol Symposium - Amsterdam 3-4 September 2012
Wim G. J. Hol, Ph.D.

On September 3 and 4, 2012, a spontaneous initiative of previous group members results in a wonderful Symposium Protein structure: from methods via structure and function to drug design in Amterdam, the Netherlands. The major organizer was Titia Sixma ably assisted by Piet Gros using email addresses provided by Bauke Dijkstra and Christophe Verlinde, while the actual initiative ingeniously came from Andrea Mattevi.

The event was absolutely fabulous, with one splendid lecture after the other. And during social events, many previous group members were able to see each other again, often after a long time.

The items below capture the program and the spirit of the Symposium as well as the spirit of past events. And the last link below brings you to an acknowledgement per project of many if not all group members and collaborators from fabulous decades of science.

It might be good to add that this was by no means a farewell symposium. But it sure was a feel-good Symposium. Thank you all for the idea, the organization, your contributions and your presence. For those who were unable to join this reunion-symposium, you can now enjoy the links below.

  1. Symposium Program
  2. Symposium participants’ picture
  3. Symposium pictures (with many thanks to Tassos Perrakis)
  4. Historic photos Hol group
  5. Acknowledgements of group members, collaborators and colleagues