**************************** RIG Protocols *************************************

To replicate RIG:

Transform RIG into an appropriate E. coli cloning cell strain which gives good quality miniprep DNA. (e.g. JM109, HB101, XL1-Blue, etc.). Select for RIG containing cells with chloramphenicol (35-50 ug/mL).

Miniprep DNA: Quiagen gives good results. Be sure to use the low-copy protocol since pACYC184 is
low-copy vector.

To co-transform RIG ("RIGging" E. coli for parasite gene expression):

Add RIG and expression plasmids to competent cells. Transform as usual. Select for co-transformed cells with chloramphenicol plus {antibiotic used for maintaining expression plasmid -- usually Ampicillin or Kanamycin}.

Notes on Use:

Sometimes, the RIG-cotransformants overexpress an unidentified protein which runs between 25-30 kDa on reducing SDS-PAGE.