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Anomalous Scattering

Treatment of MAD Data as a Special case of MIR
V. Ramakrishnan and Valerie Biou.

Database Searches

Protein Structure Comparison by Alignment of Distance Matrices
Liisa Holm & Chris Sander (1993) J Mol Biol 233, 123-138.

Molecular Graphics

Approximation and characterization of molecular surfaces.
Duncan, B. S. and Olson, A. J. (1993) Biopolymers 33, 219-229.
SMART: A solvent-accessible triangulated surface generator for molecular graphics and boundary element applications.
Randy J Zauhar (1995) J. Computer-Aided Molecular Design 9, 149-159.
Texture mapping: A new tool for molecular graphics.
M Teschner, C Henn, H Vollhardt, S Reiling, and J Brickmann (1994).
Texture Mapping as a Fundamental Drawing Primitive.
Paul Haeberli and Mark Segal (1993).
Molecular Surfaces: A Review
Michael L Connolly (1996) Network Science 2.


Rfree and the Rfree ratio
IJ Tickle, RA Laskowski and DS Moss (1998), Acta Cryst. D54, 547-557.

Synchrotron Radiation

Tenth Advanced ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop on Fourth Generation Light Sources

Ethan A Merritt / / Biomolecular Structure Center at UW